Is your mouth sore because your dentures don’t fit?
Are you limited in what you can eat?
Do missing teeth stop you smiling?

Duchenne Dental Services offer the comprehensive Duchenne Denture Range including PRO:Dent, BPS and APT Denture Systems.

The name Duchenne originates from French neurologist Guillaume Duchenne, who determined that smiles resulting from true happiness not only utilized the muscles of the mouth but also those of the eyes. Such ‘genuine’ smiles are called Duchenne smiles in his honour. It is this genuine happiness that the company focuses on.

Once fitted with a Duchenne Denture you’ll be able to

  • Smile with confidence
  • Dine out without fear of losing dentures
  • Be able to eat all those foods you enjoy

With the Duchenne Implant Denture System – your denture is

  • Locked in place
  • You’ll have pain free eating
  • Increased bite force and
  • You’ll have the renowned Duchenne Smile!

We are a patient orientated company, with the aim of setting industry standards bringing to you the latest technology and clinical advancements from around the world. We have internationally trained clinicians and technicians that are passionate about offering you a range of treatment options, with real choices, while  providing you with the optimum of care.

This experience is bolstered by an ongoing commitment to the latest clinical advancements. It is a mindset that has helped Duchenne lead the industry over the last three decades, with the adoption of a number of new and influential technologies and the creation of a purpose-built laboratory in Christchurch.

We have several clinic locations including Ashburton and Greymouth. All clinics offer the exclusive Duchenne Denture range.

Heather & Emma, our friendly reception ladies, are happy to answer your initial inquiries and arrange your complimentary consultation.

Please call today on 03 375 4444

so you can eat the food you want… not what you can!