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Is your mouth sore because your dentures don’t fit?

Are you limited in what you can eat?

Do missing teeth stop YOU from smiling?


Duchenne Dental Services provide a comprehensive denture range including PRO:Dent, EURO:Dent, ALPHA:Dent – and the Duchenne Implant denture system.


Our name Duchenne originates from French neurologist Guillaume Duchenne, who determined that smiles resulting from true happiness not only utilise the muscles of the mouth, but also those of the eyes. Such ‘genuine’ smiles are called Duchenne smiles in his honour. It is this genuine happiness that we as a company strive to provide for every patient.


When wearing a Duchenne Denture you will:

  • Smile with Confidence
  • Dine out without fear of losing dentures
  • Be able to eat all those foods you enjoy


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Hi, I’m thinking of getting Dentures…


  • If you have concerns … allow us to connect you with someone who has had an experience with us.
  • Contact our reception to schedule a personal complimentary consultation.
  • A preliminary imprint of your oral tissues
  • A final dental imprint
  • Then a master cast model of your mouth

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The Duchenne Implant Denture System

  • Dentures are locked in place
  • You’ll have pain free eating
  • An increased bite force
  • You’ll have the renowned Duchenne Smile!

Common questions…

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You can schedule an appointment completely free with no obligation to go ahead, we’ll run you through the process & show you what is involved.

Scheduling an appointment is the first step, if you need to know more before you do that, feel free to download or PDF guide above.

You are be helped along by some of New Zealands most professional & friendly staff, its our aim to make sure you leave with a smile!